We mentioned in the PRESENTATION the serious problems that spillages cause, (which are frequent) in our ports and coasts.

Due to this situation the Spanish Royal Decree 253/2004, 13th February was published, in which prevention measures and the combating of contamination during the loading, unloading and handling of hydrocarbons in the shipping and port areas were set out.

In Chapter 1, Article1 (Area of application) it literally states that ”They shall be subject to that set out in this Royal Decree the authorities and companies in charge of shipping ports, building and navy repair shipyards, oil platforms, ship scrapyards, installations that receive hydrocarbons waste and any other kind of shipping installation that handles hydrocarbons in bulk, including those dedicated to supplying fuel to ships in ports or in shipping waters situated in areas where Spain has sovereignty, sovereign or jurisdiction rights, whether the operations are carried out via fixed, mobile or floating means”.

. GAEXCON provides new and efficient solutions for these accidents that have such an impact on the environment and considerably worry the public, business groups and official bodies, in which several prevention methods have been taken into account as well as a great variety of products for eliminating small spillages without them producing a polluting effect and all this, within a reasonable cost.

For the shipping environment we provide a great variety of hydrocarbon and derivative absorbents, absorbent and containment barriers, all kinds of skimmers, both for collecting lightweight hydrocarbons as well as those of high viscosity, storage tanks, floating tanks, Emergency Kits (Anti pollutants due to hydrocarbons), in order to act in a quick and efficient manner in spillages of up to 900 litres without having to use stronger means, etc. The Gaexcon KIT collects spillages that are less that 1 Tm. all complying to the new Spanish Law. You can also avoid and control the spreading of a larger spillage thus giving time for other measures to be implemented.

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Domingo Fernández
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